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From: J Wray
Subject: Freeing David - 4This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, real places or
real circumstances is purely coincidental.The story contains both male/male sex and power and surrender (S/M) scenes.
If you object to such content or are not of a legal age for your
jurisdiction to read them, please exit now.I want to express my appreciation to my proofreaders/editors, c lee and
w1nner, for their help in making this a more readable story. It is amazing
how many wrong words new sets of eyes can find and how a new ear can recast
a phrase so it is much better.
The author retains the copyright. Do not distribute without written
permission.Freeing David 4By the time I finished my shower the charcoal had been started. I accepted
his offer of a beer, and he got one for each of us. "I don't usually have
beer here. I'm sure my father sneaks in when I'm at work and snoops around.
He'd have a fit if he found alcohol.""Where did you learn to like it?""Some of the guys at the restaurant talked me into trying it. Actually, it
wasn't that hard, I already wanted to.""No voices on that one?""Well, over a period of several weeks I'd gotten preteen fuck free
to know those guys through
work and they seemed pretty level headed. We'd sit and preteen artistic bbs drink coffee after
the restaurant closed, so I'd even gotten to know them socially a little. It
was mostly the 'Don't drink alcohol!' voice that night, and that one isn't
as strong as the 'Don't trust people' voice. I didn't get many lectures on
that."We talked about his commuting to a nearby small college for two years and
finally, after he "really threw a fit," as he put it, his parents let him
attend the state University last year. He would be a senior in the fall. As
we talked he was sitting straight up on his chair; I was leaning back and
relaxing. "How's your back?"He twitched it and smiled a little. "It feels like I have a really really
bad sunburn.""It'll be sore for a couple of days, maybe more, but I can do something that
will help. It'll hurt a lot, but it'll feel better by the time we eat dinner
and won't even be sore tomorrow. It's up to you.""Like what?" He was looking at me suspiciously."Have you pissed yet?""Yes, it's in a jar on the back step." He looked even more suspicious."I have an herbal concoction from an old shaman. I add that to your urine
and then I put it on the . uhh . affected area. It really really hurts for
ten or 15 seconds, then stings for another minute or so, then it's mostly
over.""Let's try it." I tilted my head toward the door and we went through the
cabin and out the back door. I looked around for my bag. "It's back inside,
Sir." He looked very pleased with himself."Thank you, Boy. That was very thoughtful." I went back inside ebony naked preteens to find the
little vial I preteen tpg bbs needed then I went out and sat on the step beside his jar and
added ten drops of the fluid to his urine. pictures preteens free
It turned green. "OK, David, go
hold on to the clothesline post like you did preteen artistic bbs before." He assumed the
position and I stood behind him admiring my handiwork. His back was an angry
red but only a few places were actually bruised enough so they'd show color
for more than a day or so. "Here we go, Boy."I poured a little into my palm and very gently coated part of his back with
it. I repeated that several times, covering all the red areas. I set the
jar back on the porch and went and stood in front of him putting my hands on
top of his, to hold them down. "How's it feeling, Boy?""It just felt wet to begin with, but it's starting to sting a little.""It'll get much worse. Look at me and keep breathing if you can." We looked
into each others' eyes. Soon he was breathing harder and twitching."Oh, oooh. Oh! OOOH! Aaaagh! AAAAAA!!" He was breathing hard now, and
twisting this way and that. The pressure of my hands was the only thing
reminding him to hang on to the crossbar. "Ohhh Shit! OHHH SHIT!!" He was
getting louder and less coherent. Tears were streaming down his face.
Finally he just closed his eyes and screamed. He was trying preteen boys xxx hard to pull his
hands from under mine, but I wouldn't let him. I knew it would be worse if
he rolled on the ground. Then, abruptly, he began to calm down, although he
was still breathing hard and twitching a little. Finally, he opened preteen newsgroup hardcore
his eyes
and looked at me."You OK, Boy?""That hurt like hell, Sir! A thousand naked lilltle preteen
wasp stings might have felt better."
He was still panting a little. We stood and looked at each other for a while
longer."Ready to let go of the bar now?" He nodded. I let go and he dropped his
hands from the bar."You were right, that really preteen virgin fun hurt!" He looked thoughtful; "It's just a
strong tingle now.""By the time dinner is ready you may be willing to lean back in the chair.""Wow! That's amazing stuff. What else does it work on?" I tilted my illegal preteen lollitas head and
lifted an preteen young stories
eyebrow. "What's it feel like on normal skin?""It tingles a little, but that's about it. Anywhere in particular you were
wondering about?" He blushed deeply. I grinned. "Go ahead, Boy, say it.""I . I . I was wondering . what it would feel like on my balls, Sir."I grinned. "I'm willing to try if you are, Boy. I think for that we'll tie
you down, though, just in case." Actually, I'd tried that before, and for
sensitive skin like a scrotum it burned a lot, but not like on lesbian preteens photos his
sensitized back. Cock heads and assholes were off limits.He looked thoughtful. "Maybe later.""Brave man!" He grinned......We checked, and the charcoal was ready. He brought out four thick meat
patties and put them on the grill. "Like to eat out here?" he asked."Sure." He brought out dishes that had apparently been stacked and ready,
and I noticed the table had been wiped down this afternoon, too. He got the
table set the way he wanted it and we stood and talked for a while, both of
us still naked. He was monitoring the patties closely.Finally, "I think those are ready to be turned over. If you'll do that I'll
bring out the rest of the stuff." I flipped the hamburgers and he appeared
with all the rest. He put buns on the grill to toast and when everything was
ready moved them and the patties to a plate. We sat at the picnic table preteens fucks with
a great summertime feast in front of us. When we started eating I
discovered that it was almost all home made."This is great." I told him. "I hadn't expected a home cooked meal. Where
did you learn to cook?""My mother taught me a little, and I have a cooking job at that restaurant.
I've learned a lot from that.""I'd say you're doing very well, David. You could get a job as a cook
anyplace." We continued to talk about his courses and what he wanted to do
when he finished. He was quite aware that all the stuff his family had been
feeding him about being careful and not trusting anyone was causing him
problems in more than his sex life. When the meal was over, I complimented
him, "Thank you, David. That was a great dinner." The bright smile my
compliment evoked reminded me he had gotten few if any at home."I'm really glad you liked it. I thought it might be . might be too simple.""Simple can be great, David. Never forget that and never apologize for it."
We sat in a companionable silence for a minute or so, then at the same time
we decided it was time to clear the table and pictures preteens free
take things back inside. Ice
cream, we agreed would come later. While I was helping him wash the dishes
I asked, "How did you get so comfortable with being gay and the S&M stuff?""S&M?""Liking someone to cause you pain, frequently in a sexual setting.""It was really odd. The preacher, my parents, everyone constantly said
homosexuality was an unforgivable sin. I heard that almost daily from when I
was a little kid - maybe starting right after Uncle David visited. I knew I
wanted sex with men and was totally fascinated by the . S&M . part, too. I
used to pray and pray for God to fix me. Then one day, about a year after I
graduated from high school, I was out here with my parents. I was sitting
under . Oh my God!""What?""I was sitting under that same oak tree.""Good.""Well, I was sitting there praying for things to change. I was desperate.
Then a deep, clear voice said. rusian preteen bikini 'There's absolutely nothing wrong with you,
David. You're praying for the wrong thing.' And it called me 'David.' In my
gut and mind it felt totally right. I absolutely knew, with no questions at
all, that I was OK. I felt occasional guilt twinges for a while after that,
but then I'd remember the voice and everything would be fine. Except for the
'You can't trust anybody.' problem, that is.""So, that was. let's see. three years ago?""Yes. I felt a lot better after that. I had the energy to do more things. I
realized I was smart enough to go on to college and enrolled in the
community college in Jack's Creek
that fall. My parents were pissed, but I stood up to them for a change."I still let my parents dominate me too much but I think that changed a
little yesterday. You've helped me take another big step toward freedom." He
turned and hugged me so hard it squeezed the breath out of me. I held him
for a while, preteen models newsgroups and when he backed up, his eyes were misty. "Thank you,
Michael."I winked at him. "You're preteen models newsgroups
welcome."When we'd finished the dishes he looked down and sort of shuffled his feet,
like a little kid who's embarrassed about something. "I bought condoms.""Is that a hint?""A request, actually. I've dreamed about getting penetrated . uuuh . fucked
for a long time.""We'll see what happens. Have fun buying them?""It was embarrassing.""Tell me about it.""After I got off work last night I drove to Sterling, almost as far as
Centerville, where they have an all night drug and grocery store. I think I
was the only customer in the store at that point, and one of the clerks
showed up as soon as I stopped at the condom display. He was cute, too. And
maybe he was flirting."He asked 'Can I help you find something?'"I didn't know what to world preteen model say. 'Uuuuuuu . they're not all the same?'" 'They vary in size and thickness. What size do you need?' I must have
turned 27 different shades of red. Then I made it worse. 'They're not for
me, actually.'" 'OK. what size does your boyfriend need?' I must have added another 20
shades of red at that point. He realized he was embarrassing me more than he
wanted, I guess." 'Sorry, I was teasing. I didn't mean to embarrass you. Well, not much
anyway.' and he smiled at me."I finally stammered out. 'I guess he's about the same size I am.'""Flattery will get you everywhere." I told David. He grinned." 'If you're long and slender these are the best, short and preteen nude magazine
broad, try
these.' I was glad you and I were sort of alike in that department and I
opted for 'long and slender'. I grabbed some and turned toward the front of
the store." 'Sir, you may need this, too.' and he handed me some lubricant." 'Oh, sure. Thanks.' I told him. He was being so matter of fact about it
that I was relaxing a little." 'And there's something over here you may want to consider.' He led me to
the aisle where the enema stuff was. He handed me one of the prepackaged
bottles. 'Not everyone uses these first, but it may make things more
comfortable. You may or may not want it.'" David shrugged. "Anyway, I got
three.""Did the same guy run the check out stand?""Yes, and as preteen pass forums
I was leaving he said, 'Have fun!' I blushed again, but overall
it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.""Was it a fun trip?""In retrospect it was sort of fun. It's the first time I openly acknowledged
anything about sex with men. And really, all I did was not deny I had a
'boyfriend'.""And your world didn't end?""No. I was amazed." He laughed."You took a big step, David.""It felt huge. Then on the way home I was really . I felt lighter. A lot
lighter!"He tilted his head at the door. "Shall we go back outside? It's still nice
out there." nude preteens girl I took him by the shoulders and backed him against an open
space on the wall and lodged my forearm against his throat under his chin
and forced his head up. I pressed hard enough to restrict his breathing, but
not too much. His breathing sped up and got a preteen boys xxx little erratic, but I had the
feeling it was mostly from anticipation. His hands were against the wall
beside his butt."I want to play some more, Boy." preteen fuck free
I told him in my lowest voice, almost
growling."I'm yours, Sir, but I'm really full at the moment." His voice was strained
by the pressure I was putting on his throat. His eyes were on mine. With my
left hand chemal photo preteen I reached for his cock and found it plump and getting harder by
the minute."Does that mean you'd prefer to wait a while?" I pressed a little harder.
He got a little nervous, but he still didn't protest. Not bad considering he
had dreamed about me choking him to death just a few days before."Yes, Sir." he whispered, "but I'll do whatever you want.""What if I pressed harder?" I flexed my arm a little so he knew for sure
what I meant."I'd get scared, Sir, but I'd try to hold still for you, Sir.""You're a very brave man, David.""Thank you, Sir." I did press a little harder, and slowly stroked his cock
as I did so. His eyes stayed on mine while his breathing got even shallower.
He didn't move his hands, he didn't struggle."Good, Boy!" I lightened the pressure to almost nothing. "What should we do
while our meals settle, Boy.""Maybe we could walk down to the river, Sir." His voice was still a little
strained."Want to do that naked, Boy?""I've never done that, Sir, but if you tell me to, I will." His eyes were
still on mine, both trust and pride showing preteen young stories clearly. "It's a rocky trail, so
we will want shoes.""Tell you what, Boy, if you get down on your hands and knees and bring me my
leather jock, the condoms and lube, I'll let you wear shoes." I dropped my
arm from his neck."Yes, Sir." He dropped to his hands and knees and headed to the bathroom
where my jock was and disappeared around the corner. He soon reappeared with
my jock over his head and the condoms and lube held carefully in his mouth.
I didn't think he'd managed to do all that without using at least one hand,
but I hadn't told him not to, either. He stopped in front of me like an
obedient dog, and waited for my next command."Like the smell of my jock, Boy?" He didn't try to answer verbally, but
nodded his head. "OK, give me the stuff." He did not use his hands but held
his head up to let me pull the jock off and take the stuff from his mouth. I
put the condoms and lube on the table while I put my jock on. "OK, Boy, get
up, find our shoes and let's take a hike.""Yes, Sir." He got quickly to his feet and brought me my boots and found his
shoes. From the grin on his face, he was probably having as much fun as he'd
ever had. I handed him the condoms and lube and we started out. The path
down to the river was steep and rocky but not too difficult. I wouldn't have
wanted to slip and slide on my bare butt, and David apparently felt the same
way. We moved carefully but still got to the bottom fairly quickly.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Yup, two chapters right together, but don't preteens pedo photos expect that to continue. My
partner and I will be out of town for a little over a week now, so the next
chapter won't be posted until early December. We hope you have a great
holiday.Comments are greatly appreciated. They are part of what keeps all the
writers here writing. If you like it, tell me. If you don't and can provide
some constructive comments about why, I want to hear that, too. The story
is mostly preteen fuck free
written, so suggestions for story lines are not likely to show up
in this piece, though they might be included in a later one.Comments can be sent to.
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